Angelica’s Fit for Life program has changed my life! I’ve made so many improvements in my nutrition, fitness and mindset and I couldn’t have done it without her! I’ve loss weight and inches and am seeing improvements in my physical and mental health as well. Angelica and her team help you ever step of the way and are always available to answer any questions you might have. This tribe of women is amazing and inspirational! Highly recommend given her program a try!!!


I’m currently in Angelica’s program and have never felt better and stronger both physically and mentally. She will help with every aspect of your health journey. What’s even better is there is no secret! It’s all individually tailored. So grateful to have come across her.


I highly recommend Angelica for Health Coaching! She worked with me for 3 months and gave me that extra kick that I needed. I am a runner. However she designed a program just for me that incorporated strength training into my activity and not just running. What a difference! She also made me accountable for what I was eating by logging everything daily. She is always giving helpful tips, has one on one meetings, weekly group meetings that are not just about workouts but daily life! It’s about living a positive life. We are all busy women and have daily stress. That is something all her clients have in common. We discuss body and mind. She has taught me so much and I continue to do cross training and log my meals everyday. Her assistant coaches are amazing too!! I am thankful every day for Angelica and her program. The best part is it’s not a fad diet. Or starving yourself. It’s all about nourishment and eating all the right stuff! I could go on and on!!


Angelica has really helped me understand my fitness journey and nutrition. She is always checking up to see how I’m doing and answers every question I have. Love working with her!


Angelica truly cares. Not only did she better my physical image but my overall health. I feel amazing!


I stumbled across Angelica about a year after having my third child. I knew I was done having kids and I wanted to feel sexy and fit again- not just for a few months, but from that point on. With other programs, I would lose weight and within a year, gain it all back and sometimes a few additional pounds. I wanted help getting and keeping the weight off but to be honest, I wasn’t fully sold on paying someone to help me. After calculating how much I spend on other things, I decided I was worth the investment and it’s turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made. Not only have I lost weight and I’m still losing, but I’m stronger, happier and my thinking about working out, what I’m able to accomplish, the way I eat and live is more positive now than ever before.


After 4 months in Angelica’s program I feel the best I have in years. Her program is more than losing weight... be ready to have a new mindset, learning to eat foods that fuel your body and how to daily live the best life! I am so grateful to be apart of her program and tribe.


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