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Wellness Programs

I created these programs to help you lose weight, reach your fitness goals and become mentally and physically strong.
Fit Fast Course - Angelica Ventrice


Your first step to wellness.

Who's this for?

  • You are looking to get started on a strength training workout regimen but need a foundation and strategy.
  • You want to lose fat and strengthen your booty and core specifically.
  • You’re a runner who needs to add strength training to your regimen.

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Fit For Life Transformation Program

Transform your fitness, nutrition and mindset.

Who's this for?

  • You’re a busy professional woman who is serious about losing weight and wants to embark on a rigorous program.
  • You have tried multiple fad diets, yo-yo dieted most of your life and feel frustrated and stuck.
  • You are tired of lacking the energy and confidence you need to live your life to the fullest.
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