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Angelica Ventrice

Founder and CEO, Fit For Life

I lost 30 pounds of weight and that was not the only thing I shed. I completely transformed my mindset; I let go of all the ridiculous stories and self limiting beliefs I was holding on to for 20+ years. I felt so inspired through my transformation, I decided to leave my Medical Sales Career and become a Certified Fitness Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Health Coach. I realized my true passion was in health and I felt a deep desire to help other women transform and teach them how to let go of their physical and their emotional weight.

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Chelsea Reinbold

AFPA Health and Wellness Coach

Fit for Life Coach

My Why is myself and my family! I had a difficult upbringing and want a better outcome and life for myself and my children. I was never taught food and was more of a fend for yourself lifestyle. Always reaching for convenient foods. I also lost my dad at a young age due to colon cancer and I know with better health and eating habits I will stay around longer for my kids.

For fun I love to hang out with family and friends, play board games, be outdoors when the weather is warm, go to a beach, run and shop! My previous job was a full time bartender, I also was a photographer at one point and sold billboards.

I got into Fit for Life when I connected with Angelica and she changed not just my body but my mind as well. I knew since I was a kid I wanted to help people and that was my purpose. I went to school for phlebotomy and Nurse Assistant thinking I belonged in the hospital. My heart was not there but I fell in love with coaching. I not only got certified but I have hired a couple different coaches and am always looking to learn more to help other women.

I have 2 teenage boys, 3 dogs and fun fact...I love energy healing!


Rachel Irey

Certified Integrative Nutrition (IIN) Health Coach

Fit for Life Coach

Hey everyone! My name is Rachel Irey, amateur scuba diver and professional beach lover. As a child/teen I was active and athletic. At eighteen my whole life changed when I learned I was pregnant. I wouldn’t change it for the world, but I was young and didn’t understand how/why my body would change. I didn’t fuel my body or exercise properly and the weight packed on.

In my 20’s, my mother, who had been overweight/obese her entire adult life, was diagnosed with cancer. As I watched her body struggle to survive, I knew I needed to change. I started running and trying to eat better. I lost 50 pounds! It was great; until it wasn’t.

Prior to Fit for Life, my overtraining and undereating lead me to being stuck and frustrated. I work as a Supervisor in our 9-1-1 center, and now happy to say, a coach for Fit for Life! You could say helping people is in my nature. I am currently enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and my dream is to help women holistically heal their bodies and minds.


Joyce Rista, MHA

Chief Operating Officer, Fit For Life

Hello friends! My name is Joyce and I was brought to team Fit for Life because of my own personal health journey. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2017, after having my daughter. I was overtraining, running endless miles (60+ miles per week) to qualify for the Boston Marathon, and not nourishing or resting my body properly. I was also traveling a ton in my role at a Children’s Hospital, and was just overworked and overstressed. Fast forward to 2019 when I was hospitalized, I knew I needed to make a change.

I joined the Fit for Life Program to transform my body and mind, and to learn how to properly nourish my body with the balance between a family, keeping up with my health and being the best I could in my career.

After a year of a complete transformation, I realized my goal in life was to empower women in their own journeys, and what better way to do it than to support Coach Angelica in running the Fit for Life business, as her COO.

I love living by and going to the beach, open water swimming and enjoy spending valuable time with my husband and kids doing whatever our hearts tell us to do and wherever the wind may take us.

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