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Angelica Ventrice

Founder and CEO, Fit For Life

I lost 30 pounds of weight and that was not the only thing I shed. I completely transformed my mindset; I let go of all the ridiculous stories and self limiting beliefs I was holding on to for 20+ years. I felt so inspired through my transformation, I decided to leave my Medical Sales Career and become a Certified Fitness Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Health Coach. I realized my true passion was in health and I felt a deep desire to help other women transform and teach them how to let go of their physical and their emotional weight.

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Jacki Waldner

Executive Assistant

My name is Jacki W and I am a mom to 3 beautiful kids, wife, self-employed, camping enthusiast, and professional women's tackle football player.

I joined Fit for Life after my own transformation with the program. After having 3 babies close together, I realized how exhausted I was of chasing the next best diet, the new up and coming workouts, and the next quick fix. I wanted something consistent. Something that I could rely on to get results and maintain them within my busy schedule without the frantic search for the next "fix" every 21 days or after every new 80 day obsession.

After joining the program and transforming my mindset, fitness, and nutrition routines, I am years into maintaining my results and still seeing more. Finding balance and learning to honor myself in ways I had never allowed myself before has transformed who I am and empowered me to be more. My amazing results propelled me into joining the Fit for Life team and supporting other women as they discover what they are truly capable of. I am excited to cheer you on as you transform!


Nicole Walker

NAMS Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Nutrition Specialist, NASM Group Fitness Certification

Fit for Life Coach

My name is Nicole Walker and I’m a fitness trainer, bikini competitor, mom of twins (age 7), and love to sit on the beautiful beaches here in Maui and enjoy the sound of the ocean.

I was always active and into fitness, playing sports from age 4 and taking my first weight lifting class at 14. This helped me maintain balance and wellness in young adulthood and through my twin pregnancy. I was able to lose most my baby weight quickly and worked hard to get back into shape. Until tragedy struck my family a few months later and we lost my mother to cancer very quickly and very unexpectedly. I gained 15-20lbs in two months and could not get the weight off for years.

After adopting the Fit For Life mentality and lifestyle, I was successful at losing my weight, keeping it off, and celebrating my body through my first fitness competition. Changing my mindset, lifestyle, and fitness regimen to be fully balanced and in line with my personal needs was a decision I will never regret. I became a coach at Fit for Life because I want to walk with women through their transformation journey and to gain the confidence to handle whatever life throws their way. We can do hard things. But sometimes we need someone next to us and I’m glad I can be that person!


Lisa T

Fit for Life Coach

Hey everyone! My name is Lisa Thompson and I am a personal trainer, health coach, mom of 3 crazy boys, runner, and a big fan of yummy food.

I attended Michigan State University for my bachelors in Exercise Science and Health promotion, and then found myself in the medical setting and mommying world for years before I jumped back into the fitness world.

As a lifelong athlete, I KNEW how much exercise helped shaped not only my physical health, but my emotional and mental health as well. Encouraging others to find their favorite way to stay moving is the easy part, but helping women find balance in their nutrition to lose weight, reduce mental fog, increase energy, find new confidence, or assist in body recomposition is where the real work comes in.

Everybody is so unique, and I love being a part of the detective team to help you find what works best for you to help you reach your goals.


Rebecca Jancic

NASM Certified Nutrition Coach

Fit for Life Coach

I'm Coach Rebecca, a proud mom to my 4.5-year-old son who keeps me active, exploring in nature, and growing our own healthy foods together. Throughout my life, I've been passionate about an active lifestyle, from ballet dancing for 15 years to training for fitness competitions and running half marathons.

At 31, postpartum challenges and a burst appendix surgery awoken something inside of me. Hitting the scale at my largest size ever- 225lbs. I joined the Fit For Life community to begin my healing and transformation. I embraced the principles of the Fit For Life mentality and lifestyle, I shed the excess weight (over 65lbs to date!) , and I began to celebrate my body's resilience, power, and strength.

Transforming my mindset, lifestyle, and fitness regimen was a decision I cherish and will never regret. Not only has my dedication to myself, both mental health and physical health, helped me be a better mom, but it has allowed me to stay curious and seek out ways to support myself and my family after my father's Alzheimer's diagnosis in 2020. A spark was reignited and my fascination and passion with the mind-body connection and the incredible power of our brains took off.

Now, as a NASM certified Nutrition Coach, I get to be a Coach with Fit For Life and I GET to support other women by empowering them to conquer any challenges and harness the power and potential of their mind and body. I look forward to being your cheerleader, sharing food healing tips, ways to leverage time more efficiently, supporting you with your unique and individual goals, and helping you illuminate from the inside out.

Everything is figureoutable, so let’s get to work!

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