“…through Ang’s coaching, I’ve learned what it means to be healthy and strong.”

With Angelica’s Fit for Life program, I’ve become stronger, faster and slimmer than ever. My confidence and energy have completely shifted. I’m constantly getting compliments about the way I look and carry myself.


Before I met Angelica, I’d run two marathons, about eleven half-marathons and dozens of 10Ks – but I didn’t stretch, didn’t dream of lifting weights or holding a plank and, although I’m a vegan, I regularly ate junk food. After less than a year on the Fit for Life program, I’m 20 pounds lighter, significantly stronger, more focused, healthier and more confident!


After my 12 week Fit for Life program, I’m eating better and I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. I broke through my plateaus with no problem and now I’m even a little past my goal! I couldn’t be happier.

Jennifer H

A highly demanding job as a physician had my cortisol through the roof and no number of minutes on the elliptical (I was a real gerbil) helped me increase my energy or lose weight. Angelica gave me an efficient and challenging weight routine that tightened my body, enhanced my sleep, and decreased my stress.


Angelica truly cares. Not only did she better my physical image but my overall health. I feel amazing!


I’ve always been thin, but I’ve never been strong. I’ve gotten physically stronger and I’m even ten pounds heavier due to the muscle gain. A few years ago this would have bothered me, but I’ve learned what it means to feel healthy and powerful. Angelica got me here, and for that, I’m grateful.


I’m much stronger mentally and physically since joining the program. I see muscle definition in so many new places and have much more confidence. Angelica has helped me focus on my goals and the Fit for Life program provides an amazing support system.

Maggie S

I was severely under-eating, trying every fad diet and exercise plan there was, yet I was at a standstill for over a year after my daughter was born. Now, I’m at my ideal weight and healthier than ever. The Fit for Life program is amazing!


Before working with Angelica, my nutrition and fitness were all over the place. Nothing was working. She created an easy to follow plan for me and now I see results. I feel and look so much better!


Angelica is great! I started training with her after the birth of my baby boy. I felt a little nervous at first, but she made me feel comfortable, gave me confidence and showed me fun workouts that bring results.


Working with Angelica is the best decision I ever made. Not only do I look better and run faster, but I feel more confident than I ever have in my entire life. She’s super inspiring!


Angelica is the perfect combination of technical, challenging and fun. Her fitness program pushes me way beyond what I could do on my own. She also balances the right workout with healthy living and nutrition. #fitness #challenge #strength

Lauren G

Angelica has been an invaluable source of motivation; one I know I could not replicate on my own. She has coached me to become stronger both physically and mentally, and helped me realize the importance of strength training and of simply taking time out of daily life for myself.


Training with Angie has been life changing for me. It has transformed me physically and mentally. Not an easy task since I was 59 when we started! My self-esteem has never been better.

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