Passion is relentless determination to achieve whatever is most important to you.

To help you transform your health, fitness and mindset, just as I transformed mine. It’s my passion to show you that reaching your ideal weight is possible.

My Story

When I started my health journey, I was mentally and physically weak. I’d been struggling with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and Hypothyroidism for years and, as a result, I was 30 pounds overweight. Those 30 pounds weren’t just damaging my physical health, they were preventing me from living a full and happy life. I was overweight, depressed and hopeless. I didn’t believe I would ever reach my goals.

To others, it seemed I had it all together, but I felt trapped, scared and physically uncomfortable. I knew I had to change my situation. So I began working with a personal trainer to revise my diet and implement a serious exercise program. As my mind and body changed, I became healthier and happier. I also developed a love for fitness. I began to compete in duathlons, half-marathons, 10K’s and Spartan Races. I became strong in both mind and body. And I found my true calling – helping others make the same transformation I made.

I left my job in medical sales and moved to the mecca of health and fitness, Southern California, where I studied physical fitness and precision nutrition. Equinox, one of the most elite gyms in the country, hired me and I quickly rose to the level of top-tiered trainer. My experience at Equinox taught me that just as the right health coach had been the key to my transformation, I could be that key for others.

I worked with many people who were stuck and disappointed, just as I had been. And I helped them succeed at breaking free of their ingrained habits and faulty thinking. With my support, they were able to develop patterns and routines that led to the achievement of their goals. My clients went from feeling unhealthy, discouraged and lost to feeling vibrant, encouraged and confident.

After several years at Equinox, it was time to go out on my own as a Fitness and Nutrition Coach. I knew I could help women across the country by sharing the information I learned from my own transformation and the expertise I acquired from guiding others to the best shape of their life.

I created the FIT FOR LIFE program to help you lose weight, reach your fitness goals and become mentally and physically strong.

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